Laddeers Leading into Final Round!

Updated: May 13, 2019

Seniors Unbeaten after 15 rounds, secured top spot and a week off with a Trip to

Yanchep to finish off the regular season. Yanchep can sneak into the 5 if they were to pull off the unthinkable so plenty to play for on Saturday.

WHEN we beat Yanchep and Ossie park beat manning then the Coobie boys will keep fifth spot which they pinched off Manning last weekend.

Looks like Ozzie Park and Cockburn will play off in the first week.

Ressies Same position as the seniors unbeaten, top spot and finish off up at Yanchep. Looking to finish off a perfect regular season this weekend. Credit to you blokes had a hell of a year so far. Big push on making sure everyone is on time from here on in and wearing club clothes as well.

The top 5 is set already with the only possible change being 4 and 5 could swap positions. Looks like a Ozzie Park and Wanneroo first final with that being played at Ozzie Parks home ground same place as the senior game.

Colts Secured second spot on the table and will play Ocean Ridge week one of finals.

4-6 on the ladder still not set yet, will be an interesting last round to see if the Cobras can hold onto a finals spot as it looks like High Wycombe have hit a a wall forfeiting last week or possible not wanting to travel and saving it all for the game against Cobras this week.

Thirds 9th out of 13 teams in a very hard grade prob the hardest E3 grade I've seen with teams from C1 competing in it and also single league teams.

Very winnable game this weekend at home to finish off the year. Put everything into it and finish off on the winners list.


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