150 Games!! - SAMPEY!!!

Jandakot Family

This weekend both clubs celebrate an event which vindicates the JUNIOR Football Club's decision in December 2008 to ENDORSE the creation of the Jandakot Senior FC as a pathway for OUR children into Senior Football.

We celebrate the first 150 Game Jandakot Jets Junior Footballer playing their 150th Game of Senior Football with the Jandakot Jets Amateur (Senior) Football Club.

Six other Jandakot Juniors have passed 100 Senior games with potentially another 10 joining them this year.

Prior to the establishment of the Senior club in 2009 - the retention rate of Junior Footballers in the area was alarmingly low - and many were being lost from the sport.

Today, a look through the Senior Club playing lists highlights the success of the decision of the Junior Club in 2008 to vote unanimously to endorse the establishment of the Senior Club.

The Senior Club was created for (once) kids like Braydon Sampey - and on Saturday we celebrate his 22 years as a member of Jandakot Football Club.

Since 2016 we haven't shared committee members, so obviously as outlined in an email earlier this year - the clubs do operate more independently, but we are FAMILY and the strength of our relationship as determined by the PATHWAY of our kids moving from Junior to Senior football, remains stronger than ever.


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